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Security and Investigation Services with Integrity, Precision, & Discretion

We provide clients with training and crisis management services to handle active shooters and workplace violence; executive protection and physical security; investigations, due diligence, and analysis; and a full range of tactical and intelligence training. Our worldwide training, protective services, and research capabilities bring to our clients key skills, protection from threats, and information they need to reduce uncertainty and facilitate decision-making.

Anti-Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training & Services

Corporate & Individual Client Security & Protection

Investigations, Due Diligence, and Analysis

Tactical Security Training & Planning


Incidents of Workplace Violence Annually in US


Workplace Violence Deaths Annually


Billion Dollars

Corporate espionage & Insider Threat Costs to Businesses Annually



Percentage of the 15 million illegal drug user in America who are employed


Top 25 Countries Where American Visitors Were Killed

Mexico, Philippines, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia, Thailand

The Government, Military, and Police Trust Us. You Can, Too.



Integrity is the first order of business for us, so our clients never need to worry about the way their matter is handled.



With our training and experience in the intelligence and special operations worlds, we know our business. Clients can count on our first-rate abilities and our meticulousness.



As the poet Jean La Fontaine astutely noted, "Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion; even a prudent enemy is preferable." Often clients come to us with a problem to solve, and we are ready to tackle it with a smart, unobtrusive approach.


How We Can Help You & Your Organization

Security and investigations mean different things to different people. How can we help you and your organization?


We help organizations--ranging from banks to hospitals to manufacturing facilities--identify and fix their security problems, address their workplace violence/active shooter training needs, and handle problem employees and workplace violence crises. We also investigate some of the most difficult and sensitive corporate problems, such as corporate espionage, other insider threats, and employee drug problems.

Prominent Individuals

We have years of experience protecting former heads of state and high-profile celebrities. With such clients, when we say "protect," we know that this can mean anything from violent dangers to harassing paparazzi. We have dealt with a range of threats, always with complete discretion.

Private Individuals and Families

Some of our clients have a low-profile--and would like to keep it that way. We can help them do exactly that where they live and where they travel in their personal and professional lives.


Whether private or public, elementary school or university, our clients appreciate the competence and sensitivity with which we approach security at schools. We work with our educational partners to address their particular threats, whether those are security deficiencies in their physical buildings, procedures, other unique considerations. We also train faculty, staff, and students at a role- and age-appropriate levels to prepare for active shooter threats.

Military & Government

With our backgrounds in Naval Special Warfare and the civilian intelligence community, we have what it takes to train those serving in the military and intelligence worlds at a cut above. in areas ranging from combat tactics to surveillance/surveillance detection to the recruitment cycle. We write curricula, teach courses, run teams, and role play.

Police & Security

We train police and security forces on active shooter response, ensuring that all personnel--from patrol officers and security guards on up--have the skills and confidence to confront and eliminate active shooter threats. We also provide surveillance/surveillance detection and human intelligence (HUMINT) training.