Investigative Services

5326 Consultants, Inc.’s business clients face uncertainty and risk in potential partnerships, deals, and new undertakings.

Some come to us because they were disappointed or frustrated over past relationships and deals turned sour. In those situations, their businesses faced serious financial, reputational, and personnel problems. Others—corporate and individual clients—come to 5326 Consultants, Inc. when they are stymied in their ability to make key decisions because they lack information and do not know how to gain access to it, or because they worry about the potential for embarrassing missteps in their activities in complicated situations requiring discretion.

Investigative Services

Every Client Has Unique Needs. These are the Investigative Services We Can Provide For You

Vetting the reliability and claimed background of potential business partners, employees, and other persons of interest. We use proprietary databases containing information on individuals and conduct independent research, including social media sweeps, witting and unwitting interviews, and related surveillance
Verifying the physical whereabouts and activities of persons of interest.
Uncovering undisclosed real property, vehicles and vessels, as well as money in bank accounts and brokerage accounts.
Conducting research and, where needed, on-the-ground study of any aspect of a business investment or other undertaking.
Navigation of security as well as geographical, cultural, linguistic, political, and legal arenas to avoid costly public missteps.
Provision of crucial insights to clients who want to know what competitors, governments, or others might learn or seek to distort about them.

5326 Consultants, Inc.’s efforts are two-fold:

We conduct due diligence research and then analyze the information to put together solid and insightful responses and reports for our clients. Our careful on-the-ground research might entail a sensitive personal matter in Miami or a complex business case in a remote international location. In any instance, we give clients pertinent, timely information and analysis to learn about people, deals, and unfamiliar environments, helping them to make sound decisions.