Anti-Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Services

All organizations face the threat of workplace violence.

There are about two million instances of workplace violence a year, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Over 5,200 people die annually due to workplace violence events.

Many organizations—banks, hospitals, hotels, manufacturers, construction firms, police agencies, security guard firms and in-house security teams, as well as educational institutions—face especially high rates of workplace violence and active shooters. Organizations undergoing restructuring and layoffs can be at acute risk.


Workplace violence risks mean higher insurance premiums and legal exposure. Financial losses from workplace violence top $70 billion annually. Reputational, legal, and internal operational costs—not to mention the impact on injured or traumatized employees or customers—can be staggering. In the wake of a workplace violence or active shooter incident, an organization may find itself dealing with law enforcement investigations, negative media coverage, government investigations, and faltering sales and stock prices.

The risks are immense. And yet most organizations have no training or program in place to address workplace violence and active shooter threats.

5326 Consultants, Inc. cuts clients’ risk by giving management and employees tools to counter workplace violence and active shooter threats.

5326 Consultants offers the following services to address our clients’ critical needs related to workplace violence and active shooters. All are tailored to specific industry as well as the specific client.

Our training is not a rote, check-the-box exercise. We impart real-world, hands-on, and industry-tailored skills and guidance to counteract workplace violence and active shooter threats so that our clients can keep safe their most important asset: people. We use a combination of lectures and live, real-world situations focused on creating muscle memory for the individuals we are training. Responding to a crisis situation is for most people not intuitive, and it takes solid training to give people the skills to overcome adrenaline and shock and to respond effectively. We tailor training to the organization and the audience, recognizing that threats and needs vary by industry and client, and that special groups, such as students, require age-appropriate training.

We provide second-to-none tactical training. Our trainers -- elite military special operations, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel -- teach tactics and de-escalation like no other to law enforcement and security teams. We can teach on-site in client facilities, at specific locations that are under threat such as local schools, or at a 9,000 square foot customizable shoot house in downtown Miami. We also offer training focused on behavioral threat assessment so that security personnel can identify, assess, and mitigate security threats before they need to employ their tactical skills to eliminate a shooter or other violent actor.
As part of our training, we conduct social engineering penetration testing of our clients facilities (also known as "red teaming") to identify security weaknesses. As part of our risk assessment, we discuss physical, procedural, and policy-related vulnerabilities. We do the same for IT infrastructure for our clients, examining weaknesses that can lead to cyber exploitation of their systems.
We work with our clients to fix the security weaknesses we have identified and to develop (or update) emergency action plans to prepare them to minimize the risk of a workplace violence or active shooter incident and to handle a crisis if one arises. We also provide pre-hiring screening and investigative capacity for potential workplace violence situations or other criminal behavior to include gang and drug problems.

Should an organization see the red flags of a workplace violence or active shooter incident -- perhaps with a disgruntled employee or a problem individual recently let go -- we can step in with the following services:

   Analysis of the threat posed by the problem individual;
   Assistance with handling and firing potential problem employees to minimize the risk of violent incident;
   Physical protection of at-risk individuals;
   Around-the-clock discreet surveillance of possible perpetrators;
   Law enforcement liaison.

Our clients have included former heads of state; international business executives; celebrity actors, sports stars, and their families.

Some have used physical protection services before and found themselves dissatisfied and their needs not met. Others never previously have used protective services. Some are concerned about kidnaping while others are concerned about publicity and intrusions of privacy.