Security Services

Corporate and individual clients come to 5326 Consultants, Inc. because they face safety threats or concerns that they need to manage so that they can conduct their business and lead their lives. Some are concerned about kidnaping threats to employees or family members while others are concerned about publicity and intrusions of privacy.

When clients work with 5326 Consultants, Inc., they find their concerns replaced by confidence that their security needs are being met. When we are protecting our clients, they can travel, conduct important business, and go about their other activities with ease and assurance. Our clients have included a former head of state, international business executives, and celebrity actors, sports stars, and their families.

Security Services

Every Client Has Unique Needs. These are the Security Services We Can Provide For You

Protecting clients at home and abroad.
Handling Hague- and non-Hague-country kidnap cases.
Protecting ships in seas under threat across the world.
Reclaiming stolen art and vessels.
Evaluating security of public and private spaces as well as organizational/procedural security.
Real-time attempted exploitation of physical and IT infrastructure.

Security: Securing and protecting high-value buildings, facilities, and installations deemed critical to the ongoing relief and recovery efforts
Damage Assessment: Surveying critical infrastructure, transit routes, and neighborhoods
Rescue & Recovery: Providing search teams for missing persons;
Logistics Support: Quickly and efficiently establishing and support client operations, obtaining supply stores, and managing their flow effectively;
Transport and heavy equipment—Providing provide trucks, heavy-earth and debris-moving equipment, helicopters, and other vehicles on short notice;
Staff Support Services: Augmenting 24/7 staffing requirements for management, interagency liaison, emergency center operations, logistics, personnel, administration, communications, as well as security services and systems.

Our clients have included former heads of state; international business executives; celebrity actors, sports stars, and their families.

Some have used physical protection services before and found themselves dissatisfied and their needs not met. Others never previously have used protective services. Some are concerned about kidnaping while others are concerned about publicity and intrusions of privacy.